Topic 2 – Reflective Summary

After reading my classmates’ posts and watching videos provided gave me a better understanding on the pros and cons for having multiple identities online. And some have very different perspective on having one online identity to the question which got me thinking more into their approach.

To see myself becoming a marketeer in the future after my degree, having multiple identities can be an advantage if i make full use of my multiple identities wisely. As myself now already have multiple identities, i foresee myself creating more as i enter the working world and at the same time “remove” unwanted identities. As the identities are shaped by the targeted audience .

And i missed out on a few factors that i should consider for having multiple identities. One factor as stated in Yeo Kai Yuan’s post on data mining. There are many third party companies that keep track of each of our identities and there can gather information to figure out our real(offline) identity. That will defeat the purpose of having multiple identities right? And we are unable to control the privacy and security for our information we put online. The most we users can do is manage our identity regularly the right way.

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Can’t deny that managing more than one online identity is tough. Hard to maintain your ideal self that you want to show others on social media platforms. After sometime one may get tired of being someone you are not online, as Nicole commented on my post about instagram-famous girl Essena Oniell who recently made headlines saying that “social media is not real life.” shows the power of social media on online identities.

How many identities do you have online? I can bet you have more than one, whoever is reading this. * cheeky face *

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