1. Accessing, managing and evaluating online information – 3/5
    As me myself shop online quite often, reading reviews is important before purchasing the item(s). I would like to improve myself on evaluating information online
  2. Participating in online communities – 2/5
    Participate I a few to socialize around to make new friends. Not really good in joining enriching online communities.
  3. Building online networks around an area of interest – 3/5
    I myself have personal interests and made some connections with similar interest friends to share and learn to gain more knowledge
  4. Collaborating with others – 3/5
    Personally I like to socialize around and make new friends, not much problem playing a team player but would want to improve myself to be a better team player.
  5. Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) – 2/5
    Better in creating those through mobiles rather than online, hope to learn more about this through this module.
  6. Managing your online identity – 3/5
    I’m quite alright with my current identity but would want to learn more in enhancing my identity. What to be aware of.
  7. Managing your online privacy and security – 2/5
    Nothing can escape from the internet I can. I would want to gain more knowledge on securing my information online.

Set a goal for myself to hit at least 4/5 for each checkpoint by the end of this module.


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