Topic 4 – Reflective Summary ” Unethical VS Ethical “

Personally have trouble attacking this topic as it was really broad and i wasn’t sure if i was on the right track. Whether did i go out of point or did i answer the question?

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There are many examples on ethical issues but i chose the business approach using Qantas Airlines example. Quite uncommon with most of my classmates approach which i had difficulty finding guidelines to my reflection summary. I can relate to most are to the posts talking about paid bloggers and social media controversy related issues. As the examples quoted by my classmates are mainly from Singapore which is much easier to understand.

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Other Social Media Ethical Issues besides my summary’s examples

In my point of view, people who are using social media unethically may actually have other purpose(s) in mind, be it negative, positive or both. Taking Singtel’s controversial campaign which is one of GushCloud’s issues too mentioned in Shannon’s Post. It gives a warning to influencers to think twice of posting/tweeting about other companies(false negative reviews and etc) as it is possible that legal actions maybe taken. Positive side, it will reinforce on code of ethics of the company or show the importance of code of ethics. Personally i think that sometimes crossing the line between social media and ethics may not be always negative outcome. Depends on what’s the purpose of using it for.

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Another point is we all know it’s your freedom of speech online, posting something rude, crude or inappropriate, it’s against the ethics. So what happens to the freedom of speech? Amos Yee controversy (Mentioned in WanChyng’s post), he have his freedom of speech to post what he wants but ended up getting arrested. Everybody claims is unethical, but he have his point and purpose of it. Look at it at another point of view, is it really unethical ?

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Tham, I., 2015. Singtel’s controversial campaign: Good wake-up call for social media marketing, say experts, s.l.: Straits Times Singapore. [Accessed on 10 Nov 2015]

Amos Yee Controversy

[1] 10 Ethical Issues in Social Media


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