Topic 5 – Reflective Summary “What can we do as our part for content producers?”

After reading on others’ posts i realized that the common issue us(students) faced is when we needed to use a particular article, there’s a price-tag for it which 90% of us wouldn’t want to pay for it unless it is relevant but we can’t judge from the abstract. Why is it beneficial (Alma Swan, 2010) to us(students) and others? What i missed out in my previous post.

As stated in Vanna’s post on a survey done by Simon-Kucher & Partners, what can we(students) do on our part to encourage more content producers to publish on Open Access? We wouldn’t want 90% of online content to go behind Paywalls. Personally i think we can help promote their work, through social media platforms. By sharing, it shows that the content’s reliability and credibility. Help them gain recognition besides citation. Doing our part as content users. As a marketer, we have to look at business perspective (Vanna’s post) too. How it can help in researching and development process? (Chen Chi Chang, 2006) 

Image Credits: CWU

Yixin’s post, on the disadvantages of Open Access mainly on author perspectives. Publishing fees that is bared by the author and copyright infringement which can’t be controlled as the internet is indispensable and etc (Bryna Coonin, 2011) Copyright may lead to misuse/misinterpretation of information. What can content producers do to prevent it?

Image Credits: Griffith

I’m still in favor of Open Access hopefully we can do our part to prevent more content producers publishing behind Paywalls. A sudden thought came to my mind, must it be monetary payment to access? Example, Youtube. Users pay their time watching advertisements before the video. Is there non-monetary payment to access articles instead?

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