Topic 2 – Reflective Summary

After reading my classmates’ posts and watching videos provided gave me a better understanding on the pros and cons for having multiple identities online. And some have very different perspective on having one online identity to the question which got me thinking more into their approach.

To see myself becoming a marketeer in the future after my degree, having multiple identities can be an advantage if i make full use of my multiple identities wisely. As myself now already have multiple identities, i foresee myself creating more as i enter the working world and at the same time “remove” unwanted identities. As the identities are shaped by the targeted audience .

And i missed out on a few factors that i should consider for having multiple identities. One factor as stated in Yeo Kai Yuan’s post on data mining. There are many third party companies that keep track of each of our identities and there can gather information to figure out our real(offline) identity. That will defeat the purpose of having multiple identities right? And we are unable to control the privacy and security for our information we put online. The most we users can do is manage our identity regularly the right way.

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Can’t deny that managing more than one online identity is tough. Hard to maintain your ideal self that you want to show others on social media platforms. After sometime one may get tired of being someone you are not online, as Nicole commented on my post about instagram-famous girl Essena Oniell who recently made headlines saying that “social media is not real life.” shows the power of social media on online identities.

How many identities do you have online? I can bet you have more than one, whoever is reading this. * cheeky face *

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Topic 2 – Managing your online identity

People are not “one-dimensional” now and are given the ability to create multiple identities online. As the internet gives them 100% control over their different personalities and characteristics they create.

Why create more than one online identity? An individual may have different motives/purposes for each identity. Example creating a professional online identity for business/job purpose which you would want to avoid having unnecessary details in it, showing only what you want your future employer/boss to see. Separating business and personal life online.

For myself, i would create a different identity online for my family or relatives to see if they join the online community. There are some information(pictures,posts) that you wouldn’t want them to see. You want to portray that image that they have in their mind(diligent,obedient). It varies for different communities online.

Different identities created can be due to behaviourist approach(The behaviourist approach). For each online community environment, one creates similar persona for it and so on it varies depending on each community. “Conditioning” an individual to create and act a particular way online.

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Some uses different identity online to manage social relationship which they feel more connected compared offline. Using it to get/seek attention online which they desired offline maybe due to being “left-out” and wants to feel wanted.

Online identity analysis model

Online identity analysis model – click image for source

Using the model above to group context-driven online identity and user-driven online identity profiles(Portraying the self in online contexts). Creating multiple identities to portray different personalities on different communities which may differs offline. You wouldn’t use your business profile to sign up for an account on eBay. Another identity to cater for adverts, newsletter or shopping online.

– Ability write about a fiction story about yourself and not worrying about reputation or being judged
– Allow people to discuss sensitive subjects online without affecting their daily life negatively
– Freedom of speech, express yourself freely

– More security attention needed for multiple identities
– Conflict of identities may lead to contradicting online identity
– Influence one to see their offline identity as online identity (confusion)

Pros and cons to having multiple identities, depending on individual how they make use of each identity and what’s the purpose. No harm creating multiple identities as the internet now keeps tracks of our digital footprints (Your digital footprint) of our different identities online. Just make sure of who are your targeted audience and what you want them to see.

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