Topic 1 – Reflective Summary

After reading my classmates posts on digital “visitors” and “residents”, it got me thinking further into the two concepts and the different perspectives each have to approach the question. I agree to their points and shared the same views as most of them!

It also gave me a deeper insight to the concept. Besides having dominant factor that affects the distinction, other factors like demography and culture maybe a dominant factor too. As for my post, i focused mainly on a person’s personality as an example for the distinction. As it’s from my past experience, it is easier for me to relate to. And how others show the link of other theories(need theory) Nicholas’s WordPress to the two concepts.

As i read on and learn more about the two concepts, i have second thoughts about the terms “visitors” and “residents”. The world is changing fast and technology (the internet) is slowly taking over, wouldn’t it lead to everyone slowly becoming a digital “resident” and age doesn’t become a factor for the distinction? Will there be a new theory and term to it?

How they determine who is under “visitors” and “residents”, through the time they spent online or the sense of belonging to the internet? Using myself as an example, i can be online for hours doing nothing just to kill time creating identities portraying different images but i do not have any specific purpose to just go online, so how do i classify myself? i gauge myself in the middle of both terms.

This topic got me interested in knowing how people create their sense of belonging online and at the same time learnt that one can have multiple identities online to portray different images and confidence-levels. Wouldn’t mind doing another similar or linked topic to this question!

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